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Soul space is all about finding balance and happiness (WGSN SS23).


A journey of thousand miles also reflects self-exploration. Once I moved to the USA and so moved within the country, I always got lost and located myself amidst the chaos. Finding self from a broader perspective is like having my very own space, my Zen.


The exploration of raw findings around me retains the contentment and connection of my quest. In this story, there's a celebration of mundane and humble after a period of stress, anxiety, and time-constrained indoor living with a looking for outdoor living. It is a romanticized idea of a carefree and endless summer to reclaim the self where performance, perfection, and therefore the pursuit of achieving a future goal don't seem to be that important.


Inspired by Josef Frank's painting style, this collection is an experience and exploration of various places that connected me with time- past and present by giving me the comfort of home. It carries paintings from house plants to landscapes and all those places that brought joy.

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