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Growing up in India, it is unlikely for anyone not to know Ramayana or at least a general outline of this epic tale. It is in the fabric of our culture, which shows up everywhere and has been depicted in a variety of styles and mediums for 2000 years.


The very fact Ramayana revolves around Rama’s journey and very limited information on Sita’s life until she marries Rama intrigued me to visualize the great epic Ramayana from the perspective of a progressive woman. Being raised by a single parent, growing up in an orthodox society, story of Sita is the story of many women I have met in my life.


By taking advantage of this studio to illustrate the Ramayana differently, I plan to speak for Sita, for all those women who have endured the struggles society threw on them. In my version of Ramayana, or I must say SITAYANA, Sita plays a vital role as a fearless warrior woman rather than a submissive one depicted as in Ramayana.


This print collection is designed for wallpaper, Upholsteries. Targeting Interior designers, the Hospitality industry as my end users. I think of using silk paper and fabrics like linen as substrates for digital printing and dye sublimation printing. I have selected my color palette inspired by WGSN A/W 23/24 global color palette.


My designs include Engineered prints for wallpaper and allover patterns for upholsteries and the mapping will be on Modern Luxury interiors.

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