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My passion for natural dyes stems from a desire to reduce the negative impact of synthetic dyes on the environment and to embrace the beauty of naturally occurring colors. As someone who is passionate about sustainability and preserving traditional textile arts, I have dedicated my life to learning and practicing the art of natural dyeing. I believe that natural dyes not only create beautiful and unique colors but also have the power to connect us to our cultural heritage and the natural world around us.

Below is the collection dyed from Natural indigo on Silk and Cotton fabrics using Shibori techniques. Accessories are made out of scraps after constructing the garments to retain the essence of sustainability.

These textiles are dyed and printed using natural dyes such as Indigo, Madder, Sappanwood, and Myrobalan which is a beautiful and sustainable way of creating fabrics that are visually stunning. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, textiles using natural dyes also have a positive impact on the environment and on the communities involved in their production.


By using plant-based materials, these textiles support sustainable farming practices and help to reduce the use of harmful chemicals in the environment. Additionally, many natural dyeing processes involve traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations, supporting local economies and preserving cultural traditions.

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